King cake Cheesecake is back y'all! Throw me something mister!

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A few years back I had a piece of king cake cheesecake and I thought to myself I'm going to the bakery and will master this cheesecake ! SO a star was born in the bakery that year! So for the  LOVE of Mardi Gras and Cheesecake I started baking them in large amounts and shipping them! The first time I posted a picture of a slice of king cake cheesecake it had a half million views on my facebook page y'all . At the time I had no idea what it meant for something to go viral! I was away that weekend to watch a saints playoff game and I thought  to myself HOLY S*** what am  I in for y'all! And the rest is King cake cheesecake history! So what is King cake cheesecake ? It's a creamy cheesecake filling that I flavor with a King cake flavored extract, a little hint of cinnamon and the best Mexican vanilla . Each king cake is topped with a creamy cream cheese icing, and drizzled with the colors of Mardi Gras! Purple(means Justice), Green(means Faith), and Gold means(Power). So it is this nice combination of cheesecake and king cake which has a nice warm cinnamon roll flavor! I use a graham cracker pie crust in a 9 inch pie tin. The reasoning behind the pie tin is that it hold the cheesecake together during shipping! It serves between 8-10 people depending on how large or small you slice it.